Introduction  To Libya 

8 Days & 7 Nights

(Minimum 4 Pax's)




Day 1.   Arrival at Tripoli International Airport and transfer to Hotel Bab Al Baher.


Day 2.   A Free day in Tripoli for shopping, free stroll in the city or in the beaches.


Day 3.   After Breakfast proceeds for a full day visit programme in Leptis Magna, the most ancient city of Tripolitania. It was originally a  Phoenician  trading  station  settled during  the 1st  half of the 1st Millennium  B.C.   The Phoenician influence  lasted until late 1st century B.C.  when the Romans took over.  The city prospered for centuries but declined rapidly when the  Severan  dynasty ended (2nd century A.D.).  Among its ancient remains are  The Severan Arch, The Palaestra, The Handrianic Baths The Colonnaded Street, Severan Forum, Severan Basilica, The Circus,  Amphitheater, The Old Forum,  the market etc.  The museum of Leptis Magna is of high quality and modern  in its arrangementof material and  artifacts which belong to various  periods.  













Day 4.   A Free day in Tripoli for shopping, free stroll in the city or in the beaches.


Day 5.   After Breakfast Poceeds  to Sabratha the third major city of ancient Tripolitania. .  Sabratha began life as a Phoenician trading station from the early 8th century B.C.  and fell under Carthaginian influence in the  4th century.  A restored  Punic Mausoleum in the south west outskirts of Sabratha,  is a witness to the Phoenician  presence in the past.  But now Sabratha is, in fact, a well  preserved Roman city, overlooking  the sea and centered around the forum.  Other Roman buildings include one of the best preserved Roman  amphitheater in the Roman world around Mediterranean. The modern town of Sabratha has grown up around the ancient  remains.   The town  boast with a good museum  with a selection of sculptures made in bronze, marble, mosaic and frescos. Afternoon the participants can enjoy the beach which is the most beautiful beach in Tripolitania. Evening return back to hotel and overnight stay.













Day 6.   Early in the morning a wonderful journey through the outskirts of  Tripolitania. During the full day journey with stop overs our participants will be passing through the some of the important sites such as Nalut (lies on the western end of Jebel nafusa and close to the Tunisian border. This old town is interesting  and there is also a quasr and an interesting Mosque), Yefren, (located on the top of a series of hill crest set in an attractive wooded areas. There are various monuments and places of interest in the surrounding areas like springs and small lakes), Jadu (a cliff top village located about 50 km west of Yefrin. There are ancient ruins on the summit and a spectacular view over the valley), Gharyan (The major town in the jebel with a modern  architecture and surrounded by beautiful farms. There are also  examples of the so called Triglodyte Architecture - which builds into the surrounding earth and rock- some of these have been restored. Also famous for handicrafts).











Day 7.   A Free day in Tripoli for shopping, free stroll in the city or in the beaches.

Day 8.   Final Departure Day.


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